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Filling Hard to Find Positions

One of my best clients approached me about a search that was “impossible to fill.”  The Metabolic Clinical Nutritionist for their Pediatric Genetic Service line position had very specialized requirements. After sourcing, sourcing, and more sourcing, I finally got a referral from a networking call to a great candidate. She had just hit the 20-year mark at her company and

felt this opening could be the right career move. After the candidate accepted the position, my client stated “You found a needle in a haystack, great job!” This was an example of why I believe there are no impossible searches, some are just more difficult. Two years later the candidate continues to be excited by her role and in our most recent conversation told me “I still learn something new on the job every day and love it here, thank you Joanne.” An impossible search may not be so impossible after all.

Joanne Brandt, Manager of Recruitment



“Closing the Deal”

Getting the right candidates to accept a job offer is “make or break” in hiring top talent. Some keys to success include moving fast when finding the right candidate, as competitors will likely want to hire the same person. Make sure you and the direct supervisor are connecting personally with candidates that are interviewing as this really makes a candidate feel comfortable and excited about your organization. Be enthusiastic at the candidate’s career prospects with your organization when offering them a position. Finally, think about the job offer from the candidate’s perspective; examine the benefits and perks the position offers, and get to know their other important considerations.

Jeff Gordon, Vice President of Recruitment  

Personal Interaction in a Modern Social Media World

In an age of instantaneous communication where Social Media and up-to-date technology seems to overshadow traditional principles of developing personal relationships, Andy Goold advocates building lasting professional relationships through face-to-face interaction and continues to model his daily activities around such contact with his professional network.


“Nothing can substitute the relationship building and understanding that is achieved by simply speaking with people in person,” Mr. Goold contends.  Andy, a true pioneer in the recruitment business, has continued to stick with the fundamentals in his 20 years as Vice President of The Healthsearch Group.  He maintains personal and professional relationships with many of the tri-state area’s healthcare leaders and practitioners and served on the Board of the Health Care Leaders of New York and is an active member of various organizations including the New York and New Jersey chapters of Association of Healthcare Human Resource Administration. He maintains that the key to his success is building trust that goes way beyond his performance on any particular job search or candidate referral; it is based on understanding what is important to people. He relates that by actively networking with industry professionals he keeps up-to-date with healthcare best practices and issues and gets to know individuals’ professional strengths and goals. “Maintaining a true partnership with clients and talented healthcare professionals entails getting to know their unique objectives; it is imperative to take the extra time to do so in an age when technology often creates an illusion of connectivity.” He adds that “Social media is a valuable resource that has continued to evolve over time, but personal relationship building is a constant.”  Andy Goold, Vice President