Filling Hard to Find Positions

One of my best clients approached me about a search that was “impossible to fill.”  The Metabolic Clinical Nutritionist for their Pediatric Genetic Service line position had very specialized requirements. After sourcing, sourcing, and more sourcing, I finally got a referral from a networking call to a great candidate. She had just hit the 20-year mark at her company and

felt this opening could be the right career move. After the candidate accepted the position, my client stated “You found a needle in a haystack, great job!” This was an example of why I believe there are no impossible searches, some are just more difficult. Two years later the candidate continues to be excited by her role and in our most recent conversation told me “I still learn something new on the job every day and love it here, thank you Joanne.” An impossible search may not be so impossible after all.

Joanne Brandt, Manager of Recruitment



About The Healthsearch Group

The Healthsearch Group is a distinguished leader, innovator and pioneer in talent management solutions headquartered in New York's metro area. We help our clients recruit and retain top healthcare talent. Founded in 1961, The Healthsearch Group was instrumental in developing the present day methods and philosophy for talent acquisition and human resource solutions. The Healthsearch Group continues to shape and influence the way organizations build and cultivate high-performing teams.

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