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The HealthSearch Group Salutes National Nurses Week

Careers for nurses include a multitude of opportunities, roles and settings where nurses have made and continue to make major contributions to our greater society.National Nurses Week

Fun fact: Most people know of Florence Nightingale as the founder of modern nursing, but did you know she also had brilliant mathematical and data analytics skills, making her not only a pioneer in the field of nursing but also in early clinical informatics?

Throughout history, nurses have often been reformers, innovators and advocates working to improve the lives of others.

Some, like Nightingale, are primarily recognized for their work in nursing. Others are better known for other works but also served as nurses—Walt Whitman, Martha Jane Cannary and Isabella Baumfree to name just a few. (Famous writer-poet Whitman cared for wounded Civil War soldiers. Cannary, AKA Calamity Jane, nursed a group of small pox victims on the frontier. Baumfree changed her name to Sojourner Truth and became an advocate for race and gender rights, and she also served as a nurse for the Union Party.)

Whether offering care and comfort to sick individuals and families or solving problems on a public/population health level, the nursing profession excels at making the world a better place.

During National Nurse’s Week, The HealthSearch Group sends our appreciation to our nursing colleagues everywhere.